Free Project Estimate

An accurate bid requires a thorough understanding of the job-site. We’ll review your project specs and property, then share our thoughts and estimate at no cost to you. Count on us to be upfront and honest.

Site Coordination

It’s important to get everyone on the same page before beginning work. We’ll be sure to coordinate with the Site Supervisor, safety specialists and anyone else involved with the early stages of development.

Site Preparation

Haape can work with any raw plot of land. Clearing, grubbing and grinding are sometimes needed to prepare for the build. We’ll flatten your work area and create stable pads giving trucks safe access to the site.


Once the landscape is clear, we’ll start digging. Our modern equipment will neatly remove materials and get your foundation ready for concrete. Displaced materials will be staged or transported across town at your request.


Clearing materials in a timely fashion is important to keep on schedule. Our strategic partners allow us to relocate earth and materials around the metro-area quickly. We also provide full traffic controls to support your team and respect your neighbors.

Backfill Services

After the designated cure time, our team will return and back-fill your foundation. We’ll compact loose soil and offer some rough-grading to give you and other contractors an easier time navigating the site.

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Our business is covered by Perry Nitzsche at Affordable American Insurance. He’s a straight-shooter who places a higher value on service than profits.

Let this guy go to work for you, we’re certain you’ll be sleeping better when you do.

P&C Agency / Perry Nitzsche

8100 Ralston Rd / STE 232
Arvada, CO 80002
p: (303) 467-2632

Ralph Martinez Trucking (RMT) is our exclusive industry partner offering a wide range of certified trucking services for commercial, industrial or governmental projects.

With top quality equipment and a track record of extreme reliabilty, we’re proud to work alongside RMT and suggest you do too.

Ralph Martinez Trucking

7255 Ivanhoe Street
Commerce City, CO 80022
(303) 288-8788